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The Promised Land

At some point, everybody dreams of a better life. Whether it is to simply leave our daily worries behind, or escape serious oppression. These beautiful dreams are often different. What powered people – in the past as well as present – to dare  to cross deserts, sail across stormy oceans or overcome walls? Do you dare to leave everything behind to chase your dreams? What is the price to be paid to reach your ideal place, and…is it worth it?

Throughout the ages, artist and philosophers have tried to capture their ideal place. In images, words and sounds they touched upon places like: Paradise, Utopia, Nirvana, the  New World…
Some tried to improve their own lands with reforms and revolutions. Others decided to leave their homes behind, as the Irish who went to America. Sometimes it is an introspective journey, trying to find spiritual salvation.

The search for liberation is a universal one. To be free from war, free from hunger, free from suffering or obtain freedom of thought, still drives people onward.  The trip is not always successful, but there’s one thing a Promised Land always offers: Hope. Hope for a better world. Hope for a better life.

Vocal Ensemble Irrevocable and conductor Wouter Verhage will take you on a musical journey towards the Promised Land. Experience music on themes as oppression, liberation and dubiety, the journey and the arrival. The musical program features works from American, British, Latvian and Spanish composers from different eras, as Barber, Bernstein, Whitacre, Tippett, Ešenvalds, and Lobo.

Saturday, 9th of June
Doors open at 7.30PM
Concert starts at 8PM

Herengrachtkerk, Leiden
Herengracht 68-70
2312 LE Leiden

Tickets: regular €12, students €8

Online tickets can be purchased here. The online ticket sale closes the 8th of June, at 8PM.
Tickets can also be bought at the door.