Naar de inhoud springen

Passing Time

The clock ticks, as time flies. The seasons come and go. As new things are born, old things perish. Days follow each other, while years pass. What to do with your time, as days get shorter, but work does not lessen?

Celebrate, of course! Embrace the cold, dream of spring and seize the moment!

Vocal Ensemble Irrevocable presents – this time in co-operation with conductor Ruben de Grauw: Passing Time, a concert on the nature of time, the poetry of the seasons and the festivity of shameless passtimes. Enter dreams with works as ‘Time is Endless’ by Vytautas Miškinis and ‘Again (after ecclesiastes)’ by David Lang. Let yourself be swept away in the festivities and passions of Francis Poulenc, Einojuhani Rautavaara and a selection of French, English and Spanish madrigals!

Sunday, the 11th of November
Doors open: 15.00h
Concert start: 15.30h

Lutherse kerk
Noordeinde 4
2611 LH Delft

Ticket info: regular €12, students €8
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