Naar de inhoud springen

Steeds verrassend, altijd voorbeeldig

Are you feeling tired or restless? Do you also occasionally feel overwhelmed by modern life? DON’T PANIC: Vocal Ensemble Irrevocable has found the solution!

Joining forces with conductor Wouter Verhage and barbershop quartet ‘Further ado’, we will perform dazzling works of Tallis, Tavener, Lennon and McCartney, amongst many others. Guaranteed to energize you and improve your wellbeing! Available soon in quality establishments near you. Do not miss this!

Leiden: Delft:
Friday 22nd of
20.00 h
Pieterskerkstraat 1
2311 SV Leiden
Saturday 23rd of
20.00 h
Lutherse Kerk
Noordeinde 4
2611 KH Delft

At both concerts the doors will open at 19.30h. We will check your Corona pass QR code at the door with help of the CoronaCheck Scanner app. You will need to show a valid ID for this check as well.

– regular €14,99
– students €9,99

An extra discount of €2,- is applied at pre-sale* check-out!

Even we are amazed by this extraordinary discount.

*Pre-sale will close 32 hours before the start of the concert.

The pre-sale ticket period has ended. It is still possible to buy tickets at the door.