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Category: Past

Lux et Nox

The sunrise heralds the day and ends the darkness. Where the sunset leads us into the night. What does that mean to us, these contrasts between day, night, light and dark? 

Vocal Ensemble Irrevocable presents Lux et Nox, a program in which we explore the contrasts between light and dark. In a unique setting we’ll perform music of Brahms, Whitacre, Diederik van der Laag and others with our conductor Wouter Verhage.

Friday November 4th
20.00 uur
Kanaalstraat 198
Saturday November 5th
20.00 uur
Herengracht 68-70

For both concerts our doors will open at 19.30.


Regular €16,-

Student €11,-

Tickets are available now in our webshop with a €2,- pre-sale discount! Pre-sale will be opened until 7 pm the day before the concert. Tickets will also be available at the door.

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Steeds verrassend, altijd voorbeeldig

Are you feeling tired or restless? Do you also occasionally feel overwhelmed by modern life? DON’T PANIC: Vocal Ensemble Irrevocable has found the solution!

Joining forces with conductor Wouter Verhage and barbershop quartet ‘Further ado’, we will perform dazzling works of Tallis, Tavener, Lennon and McCartney, amongst many others. Guaranteed to energize you and improve your wellbeing! Available soon in quality establishments near you. Do not miss this!

Leiden: Delft:
Friday 22nd of
20.00 h
Pieterskerkstraat 1
2311 SV Leiden
Saturday 23rd of
20.00 h
Lutherse Kerk
Noordeinde 4
2611 KH Delft

At both concerts the doors will open at 19.30h. We will check your Corona pass QR code at the door with help of the CoronaCheck Scanner app. You will need to show a valid ID for this check as well.

– regular €14,99
– students €9,99

An extra discount of €2,- is applied at pre-sale* check-out!

Even we are amazed by this extraordinary discount.

*Pre-sale will close 32 hours before the start of the concert.

The pre-sale ticket period has ended. It is still possible to buy tickets at the door.


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Geen Woord te Veel

Have you ever thought: ‘Beautiful music, such a shame I don’t understand the lyrics’? That won’t happen to you this concert! Featuring no lyrics, the concert employs universal language everyone can understand.

Come and experience dance, percussion and culture from all over the world (and from the great unknown). Music made with our common instrument: the human voice.

Vocal Ensemble Irrevocable presents, in collaboration with conductor Wouter Verhage: ‘Geen Woord te Veel’ (‘Not one word too many’). We’ll perform pieces and arrangements of, among others, Bach, Piazolla, Jenkins and Meredith Monk. Also includes the special composition ‘Aurora’  by Tijs Hol, one of our own.


Utrecht: Oegstgeest:
Friday 29th of November Saturday 30th of November
Start concert: 8.00 PM Start concert: 2.00 PM


Utrecht: Oegstgeest:
Lutherse Kerk
Hamburgerstraat 9
3512 NN Utrecht
Warmonderweg 2
2341 KV Oegstgeest

Admission: normal €15, students €10

The ticket pre-sale has ended by now. You can still buy tickets at the door (paying by card is possible).

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Vocal Ensemble Irrevocable and the Lotus Octet present: VICTUS, a cultural exchange between two young ensembles from the Netherlands and Barcelona. Inspired by the historical novel by Albert Sánchez Piñol they explore the effects of war, civil conflict and identity. How does conflict shape our society, and how should we, as a new generation, relate to each other in light of that shared history?

For this project we’ve delved into the rich musical tradition of Europe, with Spanish and Dutch choral works from the Renaissance till now. Join us in exploring this beautiful music, and be inspired by new works by young composers Diederik van der Laag and Guillem Ponsí.


Utrecht: Delft:
Saturday 18th of May Sunday 19th of May
Start concert: 8.00 PM Start concert: 1.00 PM


Utrecht: Delft:
Lutherse Kerk
Hamburgerstraat 9
3512 NN Utrecht
Het Voorhuis
Voorstraat 64
2628 AT Delft

Admission: normal €15, students €10
€2 discount during presale – Reserve your tickets here!

More info about the composers:
Diederik van der Laag:
Guillem Ponsí:

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Ils Dorment

364 days a year, The Netherlands is a country in motion. But once a year we stop to gather in silence. Vocal Ensemble Irrevocable invites you to commemorate with us on May the 4th, in silence and with music.

Irrevocable plays its own part on Remembrance Day. Our programme takes its name from the commissioned ‘Ils Dorment’ by composer Diederik van der Laag. This piece is inspired by diary fragments from the Second World War. With help from conductor Wouter Verhage, the remainder of the programme was selected based on both beauty and symbolic value. This includes works by Sweelinck, Fauré, Ravel and Glass.

Saturday May 4
Doors open: 7:30 pm
Start concert: 7:55 pm

Herengracht 68-70
2312 LE Leiden

Admission: normal €15, students €10
€2 discount during presale – Reserve your tickets here!
You can pay by card at the door

More information about the composer:

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Passing Time

The clock ticks, as time flies. The seasons come and go. As new things are born, old things perish. Days follow each other, while years pass. What to do with your time, as days get shorter, but work does not lessen?

Celebrate, of course! Embrace the cold, dream of spring and seize the moment!

Vocal Ensemble Irrevocable presents – this time in co-operation with conductor Ruben de Grauw: Passing Time, a concert on the nature of time, the poetry of the seasons and the festivity of shameless passtimes. Enter dreams with works as ‘Time is Endless’ by Vytautas Miškinis and ‘Again (after ecclesiastes)’ by David Lang. Let yourself be swept away in the festivities and passions of Francis Poulenc, Einojuhani Rautavaara and a selection of French, English and Spanish madrigals!

Sunday, the 11th of November
Doors open: 15.00h
Concert start: 15.30h

Lutherse kerk
Noordeinde 4
2611 LH Delft

Ticket info: regular €12, students €8
Reserve your tickets here!

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The Promised Land

At some point, everybody dreams of a better life. Whether it is to simply leave our daily worries behind, or escape serious oppression. These beautiful dreams are often different. What powered people – in the past as well as present – to dare  to cross deserts, sail across stormy oceans or overcome walls? Do you dare to leave everything behind to chase your dreams? What is the price to be paid to reach your ideal place, and…is it worth it?

Throughout the ages, artist and philosophers have tried to capture their ideal place. In images, words and sounds they touched upon places like: Paradise, Utopia, Nirvana, the  New World…
Some tried to improve their own lands with reforms and revolutions. Others decided to leave their homes behind, as the Irish who went to America. Sometimes it is an introspective journey, trying to find spiritual salvation.

The search for liberation is a universal one. To be free from war, free from hunger, free from suffering or obtain freedom of thought, still drives people onward.  The trip is not always successful, but there’s one thing a Promised Land always offers: Hope. Hope for a better world. Hope for a better life.

Vocal Ensemble Irrevocable and conductor Wouter Verhage will take you on a musical journey towards the Promised Land. Experience music on themes as oppression, liberation and dubiety, the journey and the arrival. The musical program features works from American, British, Latvian and Spanish composers from different eras, as Barber, Bernstein, Whitacre, Tippett, Ešenvalds, and Lobo.

Saturday, 9th of June
Doors open at 7.30PM
Concert starts at 8PM

Herengrachtkerk, Leiden
Herengracht 68-70
2312 LE Leiden

Tickets: regular €12, students €8

Online tickets can be purchased here. The online ticket sale closes the 8th of June, at 8PM.
Tickets can also be bought at the door.

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‘Even stil’ – a moment of pause

For 364 days a year, the Netherlands is in movement, but óne day a year we come together for a moment of pause. Vocal Ensemble Irrevocable invites you to join us on the 4th of May for a moment of pause and to join us in remembrance: two minutes in silence, followed with music. With pieces on peace and loss we do not only remember the Dutch victims of violence, but all victims of violence, in war and peace.

The music will commence after the traditional two minutes of silence, and has been selected for their beauty and symbolic value in cooperation with Wouter Verhage. They include the Missa Papae Marcelli by Palestrina, the Da Pacem by Pärt, Sleep by Whitacre and the gripping Wie liegt die stadt so wüst by Mauersberger.

Thursday the 4th of May
Doors open at 19:30.
Concert starts at 19:55.

Herengrachtkerk, Leiden
Herengracht 68

Tickets: regular €10, students €7

Tickets can be ordered online through Concert4you (€0.99 transactionfee per order) or are available for cash at the door.

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All Souls’ Day Evensong Program

Date: Wednesday, 2nd of November
Start: 19.30h
Address: Lokhorstkerk, Pieterskerkstraat 1, Leiden

On All Souls’ Day, there will be time to commemorate the departed during a special musical evensong in the Lokhorstkerk in Leiden. Irrevocable will perform during this evensong as part of the vocal ensemble under the direction of conductor Rozemarijn Kalis.

For the evensong, a selection was made of English choirmusic which fits the theme of remembrance:

  • From the “Funeral Sentences” – Henry Purcell:
    • Man that is born of a woman;
    • In the midst of life.
  • Funeral Ikos – John Tavener.
  • From the “Songs of Farewell” – Hubert Parry:
    • Never weather-beaten sail.
  • Lux Aeterna – Edward Elgar.
  • From the “Requiem” – Eleanor Daley:
    • In Remembrance.
  • Rest – Ralph Vaughan Williams.
  • The Turtle Dove – Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Admission is free.

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Program order Springlevend! May 21

Banner Springlevend Oegstgeest

As our try-out concert in Geervliet on the 15th of May has passed, it is finally time to reveal the official program order of the Oegstgeest concert!

  • Dream – Meredith Monk;
  • Fögnuður – Haukur Tómasson;
  • Húm I & II – Atli Heimir Sveinsson (in cooperation with Marloes van Stormbroek);
  • Heyr himna smiður – Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson;
  • Guest performances by barbershopquartet Stereo Evolution:
    • Teddy Bear – Kal Mann & Teddy Lowe, arr. Aaron Dale;
    • Bring Him Home (Les Miserables) – Claude Michel Schönberg, arr. Darin Brown;
    • Lullabye – Billy Joel, arr. Kirk Young.
  • Five Flower Songs, Op. 47 – Benjamin Britten.


  • Sænk kun dit hoved, du blomst – Carl Nielsen, arr. John Høybye;
  • Blackbird – John Lennon & Paul McCartney, arr. Daryl Runswick;
  • Now is the Month of Maying – Thomas Morley, arr. Jem Lowther;
  • Les fleurs et les arbres – Camille Saint-Saëns;
  • Solo performance by Marloes van Stormbroek:
    • Luna y Sierra – Wil Offermans;
  • As Kingfishers Catch Fire – John Duggan;
  • The Blue Bird, Op. 119, No.3 – Charles Villiers Stanford;
  • Swimming over London – Bob Chilcott;
  • Butterfly – Mia Makaroff & Anna-Mari Kähärä.

The concert will take place on the 21st of May in Cultuurhuis de Paulus (Warmonderweg 2) in Oegstgeest, starting at 20.15u. Just like the previous concert, entrance will be free! There will be an opportunity to leave a donation afterwards. Any help is greatly appreciated.

As a teaser, we are proud to present the recording of ‘Heyr himna smiður’, captured during the try-out concert in Geervliet.

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